Life with a long-term health condition

Living with a long-term health condition is a complicated and often bumpy road.

From the very first moments of receiving diagnosis, to adjusting day-to-day routines, adapting to your new way of life can be overwhelming, frightening and can evoke a vast array of emotion for yourself as well as your  friends and family.

Paradigm Counselling Services has extensive experience of supporting clients as they process their new way of life, both during and after their treatment.  Whether it’s cancer, cardiac conditions, disability, or adjusting to the aftermath of an accident or stroke, we can provide a safe space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Talking to someone who is professionally trained, and who has expereince in this field, can be a particularly beneficial therepeutic tool for accepting life with your condition. We know that there are good days, and bad days, and days of just acceptance. We aren't just here for the bad days; we're here to offer support through it all.

Counselling can also be beneficial for friends or families of someone living with a long term health condition. If you are struggling with a loved ones condition but fear burdening the person with your own emotions, effectively exploring these fears can allow you to offer more of your emotional self to support your loved one.

Life may not be the same as before, but with the right tools, it can be better.

Benefits of therapy for long-term health conditions:
  • Explore emotions and feelings as you adapt to life with your long-term health condition

  • Process and address fears for the future 

  • Develop tools for adjustment after diagnosis

  • Learn methods for coping with fluctuations in mood and outlook

  • Rebuild confidence in self-ability

  • Restructure negative thoughts with professional support

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