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Adolescents & young people

Adolescents and young people today are faced with a huge amount of pressure as a result of exams, social media, their peers and trying to keep up with the ever changing demands of society.

These pressures, combined with natural developmental issues such as mental health concerns, sexual orientation,  and gender identity, can lead to a mountain of emotions that some teenagers may not be able to resolve on their own.


If left without the tools necessary to address and combat these emotions our young people may find themselves in difficult predicaments, or experiencing destructive thoughts and feelings.


Signs that an adolescent is experiencing psychological problems include:

  • Volatile mood

  • Changes in personality

  • Acts of aggression or increasingly aggressive behaviour

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Drop in energy levels for an extended period of time

  • Heightened levels of anxiety

  • Alcohol or substance abuse

  • Changes in eating patterns

  • Noticeable withdrawal from social circles

  • References to self-harm or suicide

  • Struggling to cope with day-to-day life

At Paradigm Counselling Services, we understand how difficult the developmental period can be. We provide professional guidance with a view to support your teenager explore their feelings without impeding their development into an adult.

Lonely Man Leaning against an urban wall
Diversity Students
Benefits of therapy for adolescents and young people:
  • Boosted confidence levels

  • Develop effective communication skills

  • Increased sense of self

  • Learn skills for managing fluctuations in mood

  • Explore emotions in a safe and confidential place

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