Thank you

"After years of battling anxiety I now have techniques in place for those bad days. I trust them and more importantly I trust myself. The bad days don't come along very often anymore, and if they do ... well I think I've finally got a handle on it. Cheers Victoria"

"I couldn't talk to my parents, I didn't know what to say. I just didn't feel 

 right. Everything just got too much. The sessions helped a lot."

"My accident turned my world upside down. So many things I suddenly

couldn't do and the constant pain was getting too much. I was struggling to

see the point.  These sessions made such a difference, being able to say

whatever I wanted, letting out all my messed up thoughts and feelings

without upsetting anyone was a relief. I don't know at what point it got easier but it did, things are different now... I'm back! Thanks V."

"You were always so calm and pleased to see me. I thought 'finally, someone is listening to me!'  You helped me regain ME. I will not forget you. God bless x"

"I didn't know I was suffering from depression, I didn't even know what depression was. I just knew I was stuck in a deep dark pit and I couldn't snap out of it. No reason for it. I felt so lost." 

“My daughter has really appreciated and enjoyed her sessions with you. ...we are able to enjoy each other’s company again and at times I even see glimpses of the old (happy) person I remember.”  Parent of 15 yr old girl

"Thank you for being there, for not judging me, for just giving me the space to talk it out, years of stuff all bottled up inside. I feel so much lighter. The tools and techniques I will not forget."

"I had heart surgery. I've never felt so vulnerable in all my life. I didn't know how to admit that to the people that love me, they were frightened too. What a mess. But week by week, slowly, it has got better."

"The counselling room is comfortable and conducive to effective counselling work. Appointments are easy to obtain and to change when necessary. I always had the sense that Victoria gave my needs the highest possible priority.”

“Being able to talk openly & honestly and express my feelings & fears. Also helped me take a good long honest look at myself.”


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