Corporate Services

We are all human with thoughts and emotions, regardless of whether we are in the office or at home.

Invest in your employees and they will invest in you.

Experience and what to expect

During my working life, I am often on the road delivering talks in workplaces. I can review your team's requirements through an initial conversation and work with you to develop a brief which I will then build out to create a presentation which will enable your employees to feel engaged and leave the room armed with tools to carry with them throughout their career - both in the office and at home. I will also remain on-site afterwards to offer any employees from the audience the opportunity to consult me in private should they feel in any way triggered by the topics covered in our talk.


Typical subject matters covered

  • Stress

  • Mental Health in the workplace

  • Grief

  • Mindfulness

  • Returning to work after an extended period of illness


Fees will include any travel expenses and will be determined after our initial consultation. Discounts will be applied for repeat bookings and civil service organisations.

Geographical areas covered

While Paradigm Counselling Services are based in East Kent, we cover the whole of Kent and London. Please note that there may be a slight increase in the fee charged for bookings made in London to cover time lost travelling. 


"Victoria came into WorldFirst as part of a calendar of events which WorldFirst put together to raise awareness and educate our employees about mental wellbeing. We asked Victoria to focus on grief, as we felt it was an unavoidable part of everyday life that everyone experiences at some point, whether that be from the death of a loved one or a relationship breakdown. She approached an incredibly sensitive topic with compassion and empathy and created a safe space for our employees to share their thoughts and experience. Her interactive session played a huge part in helping to normalise the conversation around grieving and mental health more generally, and the feedback from our employees was overwhelmingly positive."

 - WorldFirst UK, Fintech Company, London. May 2019.