Couples counselling

Relationships can cause a wide range of emotions, which can feel overwhelming from time to time and become challenging to manage. If you find yourself struggling to manage your relationship, you are not alone.

As you grow as individuals and your personalities, lifestyles

or hobbies change, then your relationship will also change

as a result. There may be no clear answer as to why you are

exploring couples counselling; it may be that you are just

seeking to maintain an already strong relationship.

At Paradigm Counselling Services, we provide a neutral

place for you and your partner to look at and work through

the issues in a calmer, clearer way. 

With professional and discreet guidance, you and your partner will learn tools for effective communication and resolution, so you can safely work through any issues that are disrupting your relationship.

The benefits of couples counselling include:
  • Learn tools for constructive communication

  • Develop effective listening skills

  • Gain a new perspective into each other

  • Find clear paths to solutions

  • Resolve difficult conflicts with respect and care for each other

  • Rebuild your love, and enjoyment of your relationship

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